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What is No-Code?

What is No-Code?

A no-code development platform is a software tool that allows users to create applications and workflows using a graphical user interface, without the need for traditional programming languages. This approach reduces the time and effort required for software development, and can also lower costs compared to traditional programming methods.

No-code solutions are designed to empower citizen developers with little to no coding experience to create applications and workflows without needing to rely on professional developers. This allows businesses to save time and money on development costs, as well as enabling them to quickly respond to changing business needs without being dependent on IT teams. With no-code tools, businesses can create even complex applications and workflows, which would otherwise require specialized technical expertise.

How to Use AI in No-Code?

There is a runtime programming language named AIML which enables logic creation without writing any script or code, and does not require building or replacing any files to run the logic in real-time.
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