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How to send a request for participating to another current project ?

From this menu;

The dreamer can send a request for participating another project. This option is gives you an option to show your project in another project. By this way customers can download and test the project without publishing the project in AppStore or PlayStore.

This option is being used for especially for super app designers.

There is a super app belongs to the Aigap and already published. Dreamers can prepare their own super apps and publish it in Store and also can receive another project assignments in their own super app. No need to use only Aigap app but that can be used their own project instead of Aigap app in same features.

Source Project : Pick your project which you want to participate and use in another project.

Target Project : This is the ID for any of the project which you want to send a request to participate. There is Aigap App in stores which is already published before. The number of this app is '100000100000000005'.

Note : If you want to send a note to the target project owner, dreamer can write a note

Please keep in mind that, your customer must register after the target project owner accepting the request. Dreamer can use the 'Customer Management' menu for sending invitation to their customer for testing the source project.


Dreamers can manage the previous request by this menu.

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