What is the table partition?

Table partition is a useful option if you have a high volume rows in your table. It prepares a completely separate table on your partition definitions.

Please keep in mind that the partition option is not only be one element. It can be the various type of moderation belongs to the main table.

Please have a look the description below;

* Partition Type : Indicated the type of partition for table. 

Network Owner :Prepares the table with network owner ID
Company Owner :Prepares the table with company owner ID
Project Owner :Prepares the table with project ID
Main Project Owner :Prepares the table with main project owner ID
User :Prepares the table with user ID
User Type :Prepares the table with user type ID
Dreamer :Prepares the table with dreamer ID
Device :Prepares the table with device ID. IOS and android mobile apps have unique device identifiers. Aigap can create an guid unique identifier for web side
Theme :Prepares the table with theme ID
Framework :Prepares the table with framework ID
Referenced Framework :Prepares the table with referenced framework ID. Referenced framework ID is the caller framework ID for the linked functionality
Date :Prepares the table with the formatted date
Tran Fields :Prepare the table with tran fields. Tran fields is the cache data list which is transferred for the each of action
* Partition Name : Indicates the name of partition. Specifically determined for tran fields and date types which are listed above. For tran fields this name field need to be entered the name of cache field to be transferred. For date the name has to be contained a format.

Range : If you want to fragmentize the partition table, this option helps you to diffract by given range.

* Sort Number : This options orders the table partition definitions. If there is a multiple partition on the table, you need to set a number for each of them and keep the sorting as it is.

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