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What is the table ?

Table is the part of database to keep the data inside. 

This is the description of inputs ;

* Table Name : This identification indicates the name of table.

* Table Level : This area is sorts the tables if there are more than one table in the form. e.g. If there is a main table and also detail table in the form then the the table execution begins the minimum number of table level and then passes to the next one.

* Table Type : Find the type description below;

  1. Partition Type : This is being used for high volume tables. e.g. project based, company based, user based or can be defined a specific type of parameter. If this option has been chosen, the table is usually get created on runtime. Thats why this is the best option to keep the data without garbage tables in the database. 
  2. Reflection  ">Type This is being used for getting the data from the same table with different joins.
  3. Standard Type : This is the standard table. The table is being created during the save action as concretely.

* Description : This is a description of the table. You can find the table easily when you reach the correct table on other functions.

* Table Alias : Table alias is a name for table assignment to use in the joins or where conditions. This area has an auto creation feature during the table insert but the user also can define the name.

* Reflection Table : This field shows the linked table to create a virtual table to use in the conditions.

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